FREE 3 Week Pass

FREE 3 Week CrossFit Pass — An Introduction

Where do I begin with CrossFit?

I would invite you to stop by and watch a class. Visit any of our scheduled classes, watch what we do, and have one of our trainers answer your questions.

Like what you see?

Next step is to get your FREE 3 Week CrossFit Pass at the front desk.

This free CrossFit pass will entitle you to take any of our 20+ CrossFit classes per week.  Sign up for your pass at the front desk.  Please introduce yourself to the instructor as being a 3 week pass guest and they will be sure to appropriately scale your workout.  After your 3 weeks, you will get a very good idea of all that we do in our CrossFit classes.  We are sure you will come away with a new appreciation for CrossFit Training.

After the class, the trainer will be more than happy to take some time to discuss more information regarding the methodologies of CrossFit training and your personal reasons for thinking about choosing CrossFit.

While on your 3 week pass, we ask that at the beginning of each week, you schedule your workouts with the front desk.  This will best prepare us for class.

Please note:  Those using the 3 Week CrossFit Pass will still be required to take the Elements Class if they intend to join the CrossFit Program after their 3 week pass is up.







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