Friday 1-11-13


20 min AMRAP

2 muscle ups

4 handstand pushups

8 kb swings 70/55

Post rounds to comments

SWOD:  squats


  1. 1/11 – Friday

    PVC Pass Throughs x 20reps
    OH Walking Lunges x 20steps, 45#
    OH Side Lunges x 20steps, 45#
    Pistols x 20reps

    OH Squat 5-5-5-5-5
    Bench Press @ Bodyweight 3 x max reps (45 sec rest between sets)


  2. 12rnds + 6

    Muscle ups: ring row, into a dip
    HSPU: Stack of 2-45#, 1-35#, 1-abmat, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion, all on the floor which left me with about a 1 inch range of motion
    KBS: 53#

  3. 15 + 2
    40# kb , mu progression

    brian, your posts are hilarious!!

    4PM: Party starts, or the WOD starts?
    If someone can give me the run down, that would be kewl. I have zero plans to workout at the raffle. I plan to do the Filthy 50 at 7am tomorrow….after I wrap that up in about 120 minutes, I think I will be plenty good in terms of working out for the day.
    I was planning on bringing some food, and drinks…but if I show up at 4pm, ready to drink and eat, is everyone else going to be working out?

    • Brian,
      4-6pm is the raffle/party… the probably going out somewhere else afterwards.

      depending on what is required for the working out, i may just be drinking along with you… tweaked my elbow yesterday during death by pull ups. so the only workout for me might be bringing a brewski up to my mouth.

  5. here is the itinerary for the event tonite:

    Start with a Raffle WOD (20min AMRAP) – However many rounds you complete = # of tickets you get

    Prize Holder WOD (short/For Time) – 1st place gets 1 ticket, 2nd place gets 2 tickets, and so on. (goal is to have the least tickets)

    Non-Prize Holder WOD (5min AMRAP) – However many rounds you complete = # of tickets you get

    Challenge WOD (short/For Time) – Drawing for Non-Prize Holder and Prize Holder determines who will have to face off for the Prize Holder’s Prize.
    (Draw a random WOD for Challenge)

    535-Close (or whatever you determine)
    Social Hour, possible beer drinking games

    Local bar for post party. TBD

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