Friday 1-18-13



Cleans 135/95

Ring dips

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  1. Amanda and I will be doing this WOD Saturday at 7am if anyone wants to join us!!!

  2. Info on the 2013 CrossFit Open:

    Video During the Open

    CrossFit will implement a new “five-rep” rule for video submissions, meaning that if an official video submission score is off by more than five reps, the entire performance will not be valid. If the video is invalidated after the deadline, you are out of luck. This means that everyone planning to submit an official video should be sure to check each rep carefully before entering a score online. A good rule of thumb is to perform and review a few reps for the camera, at speed, before you begin recording your official video.

    Again this year, the male and female winners of each week’s workout worldwide will receive a cash prize ($2,013 each). To be eligible for the cash prize, athletes must submit a video of their complete workout even if they had the workout validated at a registered affiliate. Anyone who thinks they have a shot at winning an Open workout should record a video of their performance. No video means no cash, though the validated score will count toward qualifying for Regionals.

    Thought I’d share this paleo girl scout recipe!

  4. 8:36

    Blue band for ring dips.

  5. Whats the gym standard for the cleans? I know its not hang cleans but are we supposed to do full squat cleans or are power cleans acceptable?

    • Interestingly enough I found here: in an article written by Glassman himself that “Elizabeth is constructed of hang cleans and ring dips,” This is why I am asking, I though it was from the ground each rep.. Ann and I will be there around 5 tonight to do this one so I want to make sure we are doing what everyone else is doing.

      • Beth Tomczak says:

        great question Tom……I have been confused by this too as I have seen variations between the main site and crossfit games, etc. I was not there today but I know the 930 class did power cleans from the ground. hope that helps. I would love to come join you guys. I have been cleaning kettlebells lately and my back is ok with it so far…… plus, my name is in the WOD so i really should give it a go 🙂

  6. 4:59 rx’d power cleans ground to catch. I thought ring dips were going to be the hard part but after the first 21 cleans my grip was shot. I love that WOD though!

  7. 8:27 rx weight, red band dips

  8. 10:xx
    95# cleans but had to use the red band for dips.

    felt like total crap during this. my cleans needs some working on!

  9. 7:1x I think it was :12? Weight Rx, red band ring dips. Great job Panda and Dana, thanks for doing this one together. And where was Beth…?

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