Friday 1-4-13



Thruster 95/65


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  1. notorious fran! wish i could be there to attempt to beat my awful time of 11+ minutes!!!!

  2. I wasn’t able to stay for class this am but the 5:30 class was kicking Fran’s BUTT! Everyone looked great! Happy Friday to all you beasts!

  3. 9:22

    Subs: jumping pull-ups.

    Gotta start practicing thrusters more….they are just too brutal right now.

  4. 8:57 – RX for the 1st time! Woo Hoo!

  5. 6:41 Rx’d.

    Didn’t feel it too much today. Started the 2K row afterwards, but the squishy not popped blister was not enjoyable.

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