Friday 10-26-12

5 RFT:

7 squat clean 155/105

14 kb swings 55/35

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  1. 15:05

    Subs: 1st rnd 155#, but with bad reps, dropped to 135# for rnds 2-5, with the last 1.5 rnds being power cleans.

    I will be there at 7am tomorrow (Sat).

    • Not too shabby. I was just talking to Dwayne, a newer CrossFitter (need to come up with a name for those), and telling him all of the improvements I’ve seen with you! Doing great, Brian!

  2. 10:18
    scaled: 65# clean 30# kb (bad shoulder otherwise i wouldve gone rx 😉 )

  3. *will also be there at 7

  4. 8:21 55# squat clean, 25# kb. Shoulder injury…..did not want to push it.

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