Friday 12-28-12

20 min AMRAP:

18 Box jumps 24″

15 Toes to bar

12 Pullups

Post rounds to comments

SWOD:  shoulder press


  1. 4rnds + 1 box jump

    Subs: T2B= knees to belly, grey band for pull-ups.

  2. 4 rounds + 5 t2b

    i did a 20″ box jump, and idk why because box jumps are not hard for me. i also spiced things up with a t2b and k2e combo 😉 man was my grip gone!!

    • 20″ because you bit it hard on the 30″ last night!

      • i think because i knew i could do 18 20″ box jumps in a row without stopping, just had to worry about the toes to bar! that was the hardest for me. practiced some butterfly pull ups too (thanks john)

  3. Good job Brian and Panda. Missed today in lieu of 20m sprints from bed to bathroom starting at 2am with my daughter and now me. I can muster the energy to lift myself out of bed, I don’t think I would even be able to just hold a jump rope.

  4. 5 rounds + 15 t2b
    I used red band for 2 rounds and switched to blue……my hands were burning. 20″ box jump.

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