Friday 2-1-13

“Todd’s Birthday WOD”

100 overhead squats 95/65

*every time you set bar down do:

28 double unders

2 muscle ups

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    • Did someone say buffalo chicken dip?

    • This is from memory…we’ve made it so much that I don’t use a recipe, so all the measurements are my best guess.

      1.5lbs of chicken breasts
      1 bottle of Franks Redhot sauce (I think it’s 12oz)
      1 bottle of Ranch Dressing (12 or 16 oz)
      2 Bricks of Philly Cream Cheese
      1 Big package of shredded cheddar Cheese
      1 9×13 pan (or close)
      1 oven
      Recipe calls for celery, but I’ve never seen the point of this tasteless green stuff unless you put cheese, peanut butter or something on it, so I leave it out. It’s probably more for the foodies to add a little color.

      What to do with the stuff:
      1) Fully cook all the chicken, and then shred it. Put shredded chicken into a bowl, and then dump entire bottle of Frank’s sauce into said bowl. Mix around so that all the chicken is covered with the sauce, and then let sit while you do step #2
      2) Put entire bottle of ranch dressing and two bricks of cream cheese into a sauce pan and use medium heat to melt the bricks into the dressing. Stir a lot, and your done when the bricks are fully melted and the contents are still pretty thick, but very pourable.
      3) Spread chicken on the bottom of your pan.
      4) Evenly pour your ranch dressing/cream cheese brick broth on top of your chicken. You can use a big spoon to spread this around to cover all the chicken
      5) Cover the top with your shredded cheese.
      6) Throw in oven for about 25min at 350 degrees. This is not exact, you really only want to melt the cheese…the chicken is already fully cooked, so no worries there.
      7) I think this is where some would add diced celery to the top of the melted cheese….I’ve never done this, so do this at your own risk
      8) Pull out of oven, let cool a bit, and get the party started. Throw a spoon in there so folks can scope it out (helps avoid double dippers), and serve with tortilla chips (the heartier the better since this stuff has chicken and is pretty thick).

  2. 18:32

    Subs: 75#, SU’s 3:1, MU = 5 dips red band.

  3. Beth Tomczak says:

    Happy Birthday Todd, enjoy your day!

    Here is a link to the recipe for Todd’s Birthday Brownies…..

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