Friday 2-8-13

100 pushups

at each failed rep, run 40yd shuttle

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SWOD:  shoulder press


  1. let me just say, this wod is my nightmare. i am terrible at push ups and i hate running….i will be running a lot for this one! :\

    • this was embarrassing. the 40yd run was easy, thankfully. the push ups, those are another story.

      20:59 🙁

      • As the Mayor of “Last One Done”, I feel supremely qualified to say that you did great and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You didn’t come within 1,000 miles of embarrassing.

        I know what I am talking about. I might be the sole reason why Steve and Beth keep the AED’s close to the CrossFit room. Thank God I was the only one in my Elements classes and there wasn’t a video of that debacle.

        • aww thanks Brian!!! it’s great knowing that our gym has such an awesome and supportive crew! p.s. you kicked ass today!

  2. 9:55

  3. ok so during our warmup i referenced the group devo when we were doing pogo jumps. nobody knew them or remembered them so i wanted to share it.. i really think we should wear this headgear when doing wods.

  4. Hey! I knew, down to the hot red hats!

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