Friday 5-11-12

500m row

3 rounds

30 wall ball cleans

100′ pincher 90/50

15 dips

100′ OH lunge  45/25

500m row

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SWOD:  med ball clean


  1. Good! I need a chipper after all the food I just ate.

  2. For everyone wondering, a Wall Ball Clean is a med ball clean, only when you reach the top of the med ball clean you throw the ball up to the wall ball target, catch it, and then bring the ball back to the ground.

    If you check this any time before class, go to the VIDEO section on the CFBT website and check out the tutorial on the med ball clean progression. It will be VERY valuable to you before you come to class!!

    • Jeremiah says:

      Dude, are you giving crossfit homework? I like it. Unfortunately, I’m out for a few days nursing what is officially a stained/pulled lower abdominal muscle. Sucks! Any ideas on things I can do that don’t involve core, or should I just rest it out?

      • Jeremiah, rest is the best thing to do….you would be engaging the abs in anything you try to do…that would probably slow down the recovery process.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Boooo! But thanks. That’s what I assumed but thought I would ask.

  4. 375# squat 1rm

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