Friday 6-22-12


30 Snatches 135

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SWOD:  Snatch


  1. Jeremiah says:

    Wish I was there for this one.
    First vacation WOD – Cindy
    New PR!
    20 rounds + 15 (5 PUs + 10 push ups)

  2. 7:22 rx.

  3. We had a visitor from Oregon today, Amy. She started doing CrossFit around the same time most of you did. Just want to thank the girls for being so welcoming to her!

    Congrats to Mindy, Rachael, and Morgan for getting a solid kipping pull-up! Keep working on those, hollow rocks, and handstands w/o the wall. Time to start striving for more. Competitions are soon to come against other boxes (hopefully not too far away).

    • Jeremiah says:

      Competitions? Sweet! Any more info on this!

      • It has only been mentioned as of right now. Nothing has been done yet to get it into action. Hopefully sometime this summer. If you members talk to Steve about it, it might speed up the process.

  4. New PR today:
    Max rep pull-ups 46

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