Friday 8-10-12



wall ball 20/14

box jumps 24/20

kb swings 55/35

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SWOD:  toes to bar


  1. 36:xx

    Scale: 14#, 20″, 45# – and I only made it through the 30 rep round. I think I need to check my ego a bit more and scale down a bit. The 30-20-10 scaling would probably have been better for me.

  2. 26:32 rx’d

    Started with box jumps, wall balls, then KB swings

    Congrats to Aaron on his first rx’d WOD today!

  3. 24:59 rxd

  4. 33:11 rx
    i tried to keep up with Joe and nearly lost my cookies in the process. Thanks to the 9:30 class for pushing me at the end. i could hear all of you, just didn’t have the energy to acknowledge it.

  5. 30:something rx

  6. 29:33
    25# kb

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