Friday 8-17-12


30 wall ball 20/14

30 squat snatch 75/45

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SwOD:  squat snatch


  1. 18:01

    Rx’d weight for both exercises, but all snatches were muscle not squat.

  2. 20:19. Scaled the squat snatch reps to 20. Focused a lot on form and hip movement. Thanks for the great instruction, help and motivation today.

    • sometimes that repetitiveness will enforce the groove of the movement. did it feel more cohesive on the last round as compared to the first round? can you tell the difference between ‘catching’ it, versus riding it down? just curious

      • Hey Royce, you nailed it. The later rounds, although tired, I felt better with the overall movement and more fluid. Catching vs riding it down clicked in today. My big focus now is on actually hitting that bar with legs/hips and paying attention to the arc of the bar. Had some great help from John, Phil and Greg today. I actually feel pretty happy after the WOD, despite having scaled because i feel like i got better at the movement. not to mention, the work on the overhead squats and snatch balance have paid off. Good day so far!

        • thats so great. think about how far you have come with regards to balance and shoulder flexibility in that overhead deep position. sounds like you guys had a great session, congrats!

          oh ,, for anybody currently doing the three o’clock class or who cant make it that early, as of monday the three o’clock class has moved to four permanently. . thanks.

  3. 17:49 35# squat snatch which was more like a power snatch at the end. 14# wall ball.

  4. Don’t remember my time.
    #14 wall balls
    #25 squat snatch….I made sure I did full depth. The last round was the best. It felt natural to fall underneith the bar.

  5. 16:00 rx

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