Monday 1-28-13

For time:

100 Thrusters 75/55

*every minute on the minute must complete 5 pullups

*Wod is over when 100 thrusters is completed

post time to comments


  1. looks fun! (half sarcastic)

  2. Interesting…. Now I’m gonna spend hours trying to strategize this one

    • Tom, you coming to the 6pm tonight???

      I will be interested to haer how the other classes break this up and plan this out.

      • yep I’m planning on being there for the 6pm class… I am dealing with the sniffles though but I’ll man up and be there…… I am thinking an avg of 20/minute with more in the first minute putting it under a 5 min wrkout???? Of course that will all go to hell once I start……

        • OK so as I sit here scouring the internet to see how others tackle WOD’s like this….. We are all screwed 🙂 Amy did Awesome!!!!

  3. 22:02 RX!!! Yeah me. Thank you guys in the 8:30 class for not letting me give in, and use a band for the pull-ups.

    • way to go Amy!! Awesome job!!!!!

    • See there goes my plan right out the window… Its one of those deceptive WOD’s isn’t it?

      • It was the thruster that took me awhile. My goal was 10 per min but that went quickly out the door. I was lucky if I did 5 at a time. Have fun tonight!!!

        • Beth Tomczak says:

          Excellent Job Amy! 100 pullups without a band is amazing!

          I am enjoying reading this discussion! I could give some input in here but I like the idea of keeping Tom in suspense……:D see you at 6:00!

  4. This was a tough one. I was shaking by minute 4! Shoulders and biceps are fried!
    9:46 rx

  5. 9:41
    45# for the thrusters… thrusters still hurt too much to go heavier.

    Amanda totally killed it tonight. You go girl!
    As did Tom, but thats typical 😉

    • 14:47 rx
      thanks dana! and thank you beth, dana, tom and joline for pushing me in the end!
      this was a painful wod, i had the worst pain in my stomach and couldnt breathe, but i survived! 😉

  6. So let me get this straight Beth likes to watch me squirm??? Ouch sums this one up. It was a lot of fun but man did those thrusters hurt the wrists and my hips after a while. 7:47 – 30 thrusters first round, 20 second then tried to do more than 10 each round after that I think 2 were less than 10. That first round either saved me or doomed me, not sure I could have done 20 for 5 rounds….

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