Monday 1-7-13


20 min AMRAP

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 squats



20 min AMRAP

5 handstand pushups

10 – 1 leg squats, alternating

15 pullups

Post rounds to comments


  1. I’m going to give this a try, what’s the strength WOD?

  2. Ok, I mentioned a chance to earn some cash, here it is, let’s see if there is an interest!

    My guess is everyone here has been on the rowers did one reason of another. Do you know some of them have games? One of those games is a fishing game. You are a fish on the left side if the screen, objective is to eat certain fish to gain points, avoid others so you don’t lose points. Each game is four minutes long.

    The money part… Play a game of fish, have a trainer of staff member verify your score and submit it with money (figure start with $1?) to enter the “fishing derby.” Enter as many times as you like, each entry you have to pay. At the end of the week, the winner is determined and money paid out.

    That’s it in short form, anyone interested? Discuss and let us know!

  3. 10 rnds

    Subs: green band for pull-ups.

  4. a couple of videos underlying a. proper pushup set up and position for pushups…

    and b. for all of us that dont like to wrap our thumb around on pullups.. some reasons to employ the ‘hook’ grip.. all pertinent for todays wod.

  5. royce.. always packed full of ways to help!

  6. 12 rounds + 4 pullups rx. Yes, I said rx!

  7. 28 rounds + 18 reps rx’d

  8. Hell no Brian. Your doing amazing, keep it up!

  9. 22 Rounds even Rx. new PR for Cindy!!! Waited a bit then did Mary with Victor after the 0830. 10+5 HSPU

  10. 12 rounds… I think it was after round 8 the room started spinning from this damn detox…. Coming off heroin is hard stuff, oh wait it’s not heroin it’s only sugar and crappy food

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