Monday 10-29-12

5 RFT:

200m run

7 muscle ups

200m run

7 hspu

200m run

:30 L-sit hold

200m run

20 1-legged squats

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  1. Time: 48:xx

    Renaming this WOD: “Fat Guy in a little boat” (all the rowing) or “$5 Footlong” (all the subs) or maybe just “Mission Impossible”.

    Running – 250m row
    Muscle-Ups – kind of a pathetic ring row with a hop at the end
    HSPU – 7 push-ups and then a 10 second handstand hold
    30 sec L-sit – 30 sec L-hang/hang with knees bent/dead hang
    10 1 legged squats – one legged sit to a box with assitance

  2. Hello,,

    If you are planning to attend the 4 p.m. class on Tuesday, tomorrow ,, October 30th,, it has been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience..!!!!!!!!

  3. only did 3 rounds because of the time constraint

    27:XX ?? $5 footlong style with all of the subs i did

    progression mu’s
    hand stand holds for 30 seconds and box hspu’s
    30 second L hang with bent knees
    one legged squats holding on to a post

    mission failed

  4. 44:52 sub 14 ring rows and 14 dips on bench for mu. My shoulder is still sore. Otherwise good wod for a Monday.

  5. Running sucked!!!! Definitely need to get better at that….perhaps if a pitbull were chasing me!

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