Monday 10-8-12


7 rft:

18 db hang squat clean 35/25

18 pullups

10 power clean 135/95

10 hand stand push ups

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  1. Barbells for Boobs.
    Wanted to send an invite to all CFBT for anyone who might be interested in doing barbells for boobs.

    Saturday October 20th
    100% of net proceeds collected from ALL fundraising events will support BARBELLS FOR BOOBS, a 501(c)3 non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding for qualified low income and uninsured women and men who need screening and / or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer.

    B4B being held at CrossFit Chicago

    $35 entry fee for individuals — $85 for 4 person team.

    WOD: GRACE (30 clean and jerks) – 8min time cap.

    I think this would be a great CFBT teambuilding day!

    Anyone interested in doing this?!?!

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  3. yes dana, im totally in!!

    todays wod (hard as hell)
    only got through “5” rounds in 30:38 due to time constraint, had to get to work

    rounds 1&2
    20# kb hang squat cleans, kipping pull ups, 85# power cleans, between 3&4 hspu, then held the position for 30seconds – #of hspu

    round 3
    20# kb hang squat cleans, kipping pull ups, 75# power cleans, same as above for hspu

    round 4
    15# kb hang sq. clns., kips, 75# pwr clns, same as above for hspu

    round 5
    15# kb hang sq clns,

  4. oops…

    round 5
    15# kb hang sq clns, 9 kip pu’s, 5 75# pwr clns, 5 hspu

  5. 44:36
    For some reason I love this WOD.

    • Jeremiah, you freaking killed it today. so impressed with your drive. you motivated me to push through the pain. heal up your hand fast for the comp this weekend!

  6. It should also be said that today’s 8:30 class was awesome. Everyone was pushing each other and motivating one another. It’s fun to workout in that type of environment.

  7. 40:20
    65# power cleans
    peach band for pull ups
    last round of db hang cleans was with 20# instead of 25#

    serious kudos to the 830 class…everyone did amazing. its classes like today that remind me why i love this crossfit family so much.

  8. 40:43
    55# power cleans
    15# db hang cleans
    Blue band for pullups
    Red/blue band for hspu

    8:30 class did an awesome job! I could not have finished without you guys!

  9. 5 rounds and 18 hang cleans 18 pull-ups in 32:xx, tore and decided to cut my losses with the upcoming competition.

    • i should have been smart like you. i tore in the 4th round and just put more tape on. i then immediately went to cvs and stocked up band aids, neosporin and this stuff that Shellie told me about called, Nexcare first aid tape. i recommend getting some.

  10. 46:26
    25# db hang cleans
    red band for pullups
    85# power cleans; started with 95# but changed after 3 reps 🙁
    hspu with 3 abmats

  11. i missed out on this 830 class! great job everyone!! put some thought into the barbells for boobs…it would be awesome to get a group of us to participate!

  12. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    Only did 4 rounds, highly subbed as I’m saving all my “stupid” for Sunday 😉

    15# db squat clean, :30 dead hang on bar, 65# power clean, push-ups

    I think it was 12:00. Afterwards, tried a few overhead squats with the 35# and 45# bars… It will be interesting to do 50 on Sunday towards the end of the endurance WOD.

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