Monday 12-3-12

21 deadlifts 225/155-185

Handstand walk 21m

15 deadlifts 225/155-185

Handstand walk 15m

9 deadlifts 225/155-185

Handstand walk 9m

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  1. Crown Point Competition Results…

    Women’s Intermediate (6 competitors):
    Michelle M – 2nd place
    Joline L – 4th place

    Men’s Team (18 teams):
    Justin H, John S, Greg G – 1st place

    Women’s Team (16 teams):
    Shellie BC, Dana F, Amanda S – 14th place

    Amazing efforts! Good job making CFBT proud! Time to ice those legs!

  2. Hey everyone…
    HOTside Crossfit is hosting a Barbells for Boobs…breast cancer fundraiser…this weekend on Saturday. A few of us are planning on going. If you’re interested…it’s $20 and the workout is Helen meets Grace. (Helen is 400m run, 21 kb swings, 12 pull ups for 3rds and Grace is 30 clean and jerks) if interested…check out hotside’s website!

  3. Subbed as Diane, used green bands for HSPU’s – 5:48

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