Monday 5-14-12

5 rounds for time:

20 pullups

30 pushups

40 situps

50 squats

rest exactly 3 mins between each round

SWOD:  Bench press


  1. 40:19 Killer workout. Almost puked during the 4th round.

  2. Greg Gerritsen says:

    This workout was a great way to start the week off.

    38:48 Rx

  3. 30:47 Rx

    38:47 if you count the time i spent sprawled out on the floor afterwards.Nice Job Royce!

  4. 32:00 Rx… Average of 4min per round. My 4th round was weak.

  5. Jeremiah says:

    36:08 Rx. Me and sit ups don’t really get along all that well. Maybe that says something about my core.

  6. 44:00…horrible time, but I finished it! I also felt like puking after the 4th and final round.

  7. good job guys, it was a barnburner, a lot of people felt pukey including my kids,

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