Monday 7-16-12

7 rounds

35 double unders

1 snatch

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SWOD:  snatch


  1. I ♥ double unders… my quads are shot from Saturday’s squats so was glad there was none of that today!


  2. 3RFT:
    40yd dash
    10 pushups
    40yd dash
    10 situps
    40yd dash
    20 pushups
    40yd dash
    20 situps
    40yd dash
    30 pushups
    40yd dash
    30 situps
    60-90sec rest between rounds

    took a 60 sec rest, then 90 sec rest

  3. 13:07. Darn double unders always make me have to pee. Had to use the bathroom my 3rd round. Probably would have had a better time. New pr for du’s….27

  4. Stephen says:

    awesome job with the DU pr, keep it up!!!!

  5. Jeremiah says:

    Still nursing a sore shoulder so I modified this a bit.
    5 RFT
    35 double unders
    7 thrusters @ 95# (snatches killed my should but thruster movement was ok, go figure)
    15 abmat sit ups
    Time 19:27

    Very jealous of the PRs you all are getting on the DUs. Awesome work! One day I’ll get there.

  6. Forgot to post yesterday…
    11:57/ 265#
    new PR for DU’s: 17

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