Saturday 1-12-13

“Filthy Fifty”

for time:

50 box jumps 24″

50 jumping pullups

50 kb swings 35#

50 walking lunge steps

50 KTE

50 push press 45#

50 back extensions

50 wall ball 20#

50 burpees

50 double unders


  1. 42:38 or 42:58

    Really two workouts for me….got to the burpees in 31min, and just slogged through the burpees.

    Subs: K2E, was really more T2B, thighs to belly, but thighs were above parralel.
    Back ext, did cheat with a little assistance with pushing off the bars a bit.

  2. 18:39 rx’d with 40lbs kb swings

  3. 30:00. Did as Rx’d above men’s weight with the exception of wallballs, 14# to 8′. I tried 20# for 3 reps but arms are so toasted from this week I couldn’t make it up to the target. This was the first time I did all the double unders unbroken 🙂

    Thanks to the 7am boys club! 😉

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