Saturday 1-26-13


5 RFt:

12 deadlift 225/185

20 pullups

12 clean and jerk 135/95

20 knees to elbows

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  1. This looks like a grip killer

  2. 35:22

    Subs: pull-ups – 10 per round with grey band, K2E – 10 per round with knee to belly/above parallel.

  3. 34:17 rx’d but I miss read and thought it was T2B and did those……… Thighs 2 Belly that is

  4. After reading the post Dana shared the other day I was checking out that site and found this article . I googled “box jumps torn Achilles” as the article suggests and its actually really scary the number of results. I already have a huge phobia of rupturing my Achilles so this is going to absolutely force me to step down from now on.

    • Tom, thank you thank you thank you for sharing that article!! good read… now i dont feel bad stepping down on my box jumps 😉

  5. Brian was that your playlist this AM

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