Saturday 10-6-12

Run 5K

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  1. 23:17. Finished at 6:13 this morning. It’s cold out.

  2. 32:xx. Rx (but more of a Wog than a run)

    Running (Wog) Log
    1). The course was hilly, unmarked, beginning and ending section was over uneven tall wet grass, and there were zero water stations. If you ask me, the race organizers just mailed it on this one
    2). Maybe I’ve set the male movement back some, but I was genuinely flattered by all the cat calls and whistling.
    3). With only a sample size of one sweaty fat guy, it’s hard to draw a firm conclusion, but my hypothesis is that people are generally not willing to pick up hitchhikers… least not in Mokena… 8:30-ish on a crisp Saturdat morning.

    • AnnIE Magdziasz says:

      Brian, I think about how much you loooove to run and really admire your spirit. It was great to see you on the way back, those cat calls and whistles may have been my breathing. Seriously, even though I didn’t have it to show on the outside, as we passed I was smiling inside about the progress I have seen in you. Keep up the great work!

  3. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    24:14 with the 8am class. Corrine, you did give me that extra push I would not have had doing this solo!

  4. We might want check the course distance again… I dont think it’s a full 3.1 to be honest guys… I think its more 2.9 miles…. someone should run it with their garmin and phone gps to double check…

  5. you guys are hilarious! good job all- i’ll be running my 5k tomorrow in Lowell, maybe i’ll come back and post my time if im not too embarrassed… 😛

  6. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    I measured it on Google Maps, 2.79, bummer! However, there is a block that if we go around, would make it legit… I’ll hav to print a map and bing it n.

  7. Probably just lap the building before doing the same course and you’d be fine.

  8. ran my first 5k this a.m. in 34 minutes

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