Saturday 2-2-13


1000m row

50 thrusters 45/25

30 pullups

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  1. 11:59 45# bar, red band. Extension rowing and kipping was brutal on sore abs!

  2. Painstorm 27 – “Over Your Head and Far Away”
    Use weighted implement/s of your choice to get a total of 10,000lb from the
    ground to overhead and carry your implement a total of 800m for
    time. Partition and rest as needed. No rules on how you get the weight overhead.
    An example:
    Using a 135lb bar you would need to perform 75 power cleans and push press to
    get 10,000lb overhead. So you could break it up as follows…
    15 reps
    carry bar 200m
    15 reps
    carry bar 200m
    15 reps
    carry bar 200m
    15 reps
    carry bar 200m
    15 reps


  3. 8:16, I had my eyes on sub 10 going into it. I felt strong on the rower today and pulled a 3:43 so sub 9 was my goal coming off of there. Fun to do this workout just 2 weeks after the same thing but in triplicate. What a difference!

  4. 10:39, 35# bar

  5. 10:41, sub 45# front squats for thrusters. still watching my shoulder and thrusters.

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