Saturday 2-9-13

row 30 calories

30 jumping pullups

30 burpees

30 knees to elbows

row 30 calories

30 hang power clean (70% of 3rm)

30 kb swings 55/35

30 wall ball 20/14

row 30 calories

SWOD:  hang power clean


  1. Beth Tomczak says:

    Happy Birthday to Chad and Adam! Hope you enjoy your “Dirty Thirty Workout” 🙂

    Since I can’t make it tomorrow I did this one a couple days ago. The worst for me was the K2E….. slowed me down considerably….trying to land the knees on the elbows exactly resulted in a doz or more no reps 🙁

    Have fun everyone!

  2. 19:23

    hang cleans were at 70#.

    This sucked… but it was great.
    Honestly feel like the row was the worst part.

  3. 21:20 rx, 85# hang clean
    good workout indeed!!!

  4. 24:22

    K2E = knees above waist, getting close to the elbows
    HPC = 115#
    KBS = 53#

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