Mindy M

CrossFit has been an amazing addition to my workout! I am more motivated to get up and go because every day the workout is different and challenging. The trainers are great teachers and constantly pushing us to achieve higher goals. In under 8 weeks, I have lost 2 sizes. It took me over a year working out to do that by myself.

Frank H

CrossFit Body Tech instills the desire to get the most out of my workouts. Great facility, excellent coaches and a fantastic CrossFit community makes CrossFit Body Tech the place I want to workout at to maximize my total fitness.

Amy V

When I started CrossFit I was at a point where I no longer wanted to workout. Now I can not get enough. I am pushing myself to do things that I would never believe I could do. I feel so much better. I have so much more energy!!!! I sleep better. I eat better. Not only do I eat better, I want to make sure I eat right and get enough sleep so I can do tomorrow’s WOD. You could never get me in the gym on a Saturday morning. I love that everyday is different so it keeps me and my body guessing and never gets boring. I want to thank Steve Tomczak for bringing CrossFit into Body Tech and into my life.

Lydia Pope

Crossfit is a great workout unlike anything I have ever done before. I am stronger and faster and have more confidence since I started.

I look forward to Crossfit everyday. The workouts are never the same. I also eat healthier and feel better. The trainers are excellent. They help you with form and keep you motivated to work harder.

It is the most challenging workout I have ever done!

Michelle Miuccio

Throughout my whole life, I have been interested in physical fitness. I consider exercising and working out to be one of my most important hobbies. But it wasn’t until Coach Pete introduced me to CrossFit Training that I really felt like I was challenging myself and seeing quick, amazing results.

Not only is CrossFit about exercise or physical fitness, but the CrossFit community is about encouraging one another and having a positive attitude. I would never attempt these workouts on my own, or finish on my own; it’s the encouraging words from all the coaches and fellow CrossFitters that push you past your mental threshold and help you achieve the results by using your body’s full potential.

CrossFit has encouraged me to love my body and helped me realize that being physically, as well as mentally strong is the most attractive attribute a woman can have. Working out has never been so much fun, I wake up every morning ready to get out of bed and start my day with a CrossFit workout.


I love the CrossFit Program at Body Tech! I have been doing CrossFit for about five months and I saw results immediately. My peers also have noticed the physical change. CrossFit incorporates a core group of exercises but the workouts are always fresh and challenging and that is what keeps me coming back. In the past I often got bored with the same routine and felt I was going nowhere. I am no longer bored and CrossFit is now a way of life for me. I have had the opportunity to participate in many different classes and all the instructors are the best. I mainly attend evening classes and Stephen is really a great inspiration. He always makes me feel like I can do whatever challenges the class offers. Beth is also a great inspiration- the way she looks, and her strength are goals I have set for myself. Many thanks to Steve and Beth for bringing CrossFit to Body Tech.

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