Thursday 1-24-13

8 rounds

400m run

rest :90 secs

post time to comments

SWOD:  shoulder press


  1. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    Pulled my warm clothes for this… Seems like I’m moving in!

  2. Anyone interested in joining in on a Paleo challenge with Amanda and I?
    Strict paleo during the week, weekends are allowed 1-2 cheat meals.

    for everyone slip-up & cheat you have outside of your weekend allowance, you will be penalized with 50 burpees & 20 situps/pushups (whichever is your weaker area).

    Anyone want to join in on this?!?!? The more people the better— we can hold eachother accountable!

    • OK… lied about the penalty…
      Penalty is the following for CHEATS:
      50 burpees, 20 pull ups, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups.

      (now if that isnt motivation to not cheat, i dont know what is!)

    • Ok we’ll Ann and I have been paleo for like 3 weeks now, no cheats. I’m actually counting down to my cheat after 4 weeks. 1-2 cheats/week is easy, but I’m not commiting to anything yet. So is a night of drinking and eating bar food considered 1 cheat meal? Or is that a cheat day?

    • Dana that sounds good. But I think I would need help with meal plans for family’s. I need to be tricky with these eaters.

      • Amy is great. We don’t make the kids eat paleo but with almost all these recipes you can make a portion of it non-paleo. We have Sarah’s ebook everyday paleo but almost all those recipes are on the website. She has a new book that seems to be good too.


    Great article.
    Top Tips for your first two years of CrossFit

    • Great article and a great site.


    • Nice Article, I love – Unweighed unmeasured Paleo eating works best if you’ve done “The Zone” first. Your Zone experience will give you a ballpark idea of how much you should be eating. If you don’t come from a “Zone” background, you’ll likely do things like sit down and eat 85 Macadamia nuts and wonder why you aren’t losing any weight.

      I got my L1 in 2008 and they preached Zone to no tomorrow so I gave it a try, I was probably at my best while on the Zone. It is a lesson in portion control as well as meal balance plus it is more forgiving in the sense that you could have a beer and it would just count against your carb block or have that cookie and again count it against your carb block. I’m in the midst of giving Paleo a try for a few months and we’ll see where that takes me, either moving forward Paleo or back to the Zone.

  4. I guess I will make a comment about the actual WOD, although the other information has been interesting, like the article and the one it linked to at the end! And yes, Dana and Amanda, if you noticed I behaved and did not eat any of the non-paleo goodness at Michelle’s, limiting myself to water also. Maybe by April those jeans won’t be so tight, but still need length alterations 😉

    Ran outside with Tiffany, we paced each other, well, at least I hope that’s how she took me running behind her breathing heavy, but I digress!
    I personally am impressed with our consistency +/- 2 seconds rounds 2-8!

    Chris also ran with us and posted the following times:

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