Thursday 1-3-13

“Dae Han”

3 RFT:

800m run w/ 45# barbell

3 rope climbs

12 thrusters 135/95

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  1. hey how did the earlier classes approach this? did you take a barbell over to the treadmill or do it outside or run with dumbells? let us know! it looks like a cool workout

  2. Thrusters….

  3. Royce, based on pics on Facebook, dumbbells, I think plates too. I’m not a fan of dressing to run in the cold then overheating inside, then going back out in the cold all sweaty and wet. Call me what you will, but I do not want to get sick (again) and since we aren’t in always sunny and 70 California, Mary and I chose to do a different WOD I have been wanting to do:

    Clean 95#
    GHD Sit-ups

    We both finished at pretty much the same time. Not sure Mary’s clean weight (75-ish#?), but she did weighted sit-ups.

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