Thursday 2-14-13

50 wall balls 20/14

30 snatch 95/65

50 wall balls 20/14

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SWOD:  squat snatch 5-5-3-3



  1. An Isabel sandwich on lite Karen bread.

  2. These are power snatches right?

    • It’s pretty much a ground to overhead, anyway and as fast as you can.

      Check these guys out…(thank God the weight for out WOD is 95#)

    • Dana, always assume whenever it says snatch or clean that its full from the ground overhead, anyway you can.. In reality some people in order to even do the heavier weights will have to do it as a full squat others may be able to muscle it up no problem with a power movement. The only time you have to do a full clean/snatch by rx is if it says squat clean or squat snatch. Likewise if something says Power clean or Power snatch you must do it as a power movement, it recruits different muscles. Again same goes with hang; always assume its from the ground unless it states hang clean or hang snatch again the difference is significant in regards to muscles you are using and the amount of work you are performing.

  3. 8:38

    Rx’d 14#/65#… I specify only because there was some weird weights written on the board (10#/35#, pssshhht)

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