Thursday 2-28-13

for time:

15 thruster 135/95

200m run

20 thruster 95/65

400m run

30 thruster 65/45

800m run

post time to comments

SWOD:  thruster


  1. looks like another good wod. Joline congrats on getting your first muscle up! well done. you deserve it!

  2. 22:03 Rx

    It was a totally different experience working out today. All the lights were on, and the heat was turned up to 80 degrees. It was good to get a really good sweat, but it wasn’t too hot since we opened the back door the whole time. It took a little longer to set up for the WOD since the all the equipment is scattered all over. But we did save time on the back end not having to put anything away. Finally, it was fun to finish the WOD and then make a chalk angel since there’s like an inch of the white stuff on the floor.

  3. Joline Lyons says:

    thanks royce! I keep wondering how all these people are finding out that im not friends with on facebook…well heres how

  4. Joline Lyons says:

    hahaha brian i didnt even read your comment.. way to make steve feel REAL comfortable while hes away haha

  5. You should only have 1 bar for this WOD, but change the weights after the run. If you are doing is Rx then the weights should be from the outside in listed as this: 5#, 15#, 15#, 10# on both sides.

    Once you complete the 135# you strip the 5# & one 15# off leaving on one 15# and a 10#. Once you complete 95#, then you strip off the 15# leaving you with 10# on each side.

    • Thanks Greg!

    • i think we should do three bars per person so we can use every bit of weight in all of body tech… since steve is not there we could take all of the weight from the other side of the room. nobody will mind. after all we can blame it on sam at the front desk

    • Luke and I did this WOD this morning and we loaded one bar slightly differently.

      Load the bar with a 10, then a 15, then two 10’s on each side. Then u can use one bar and strip off as needed vs setting up 3 bars.

    • Genius!

  6. you guys are jammed packed with ideas.. we can take those steel plates and throw them around ( like people do anyway) and no one will care!! Brillant!

  7. I read through all this and only 1 person posted results, heh. This was definitely a WOD that needed to be planned to change weights quickly and easily. And congrats again Joline!

  8. 22:38

    sub Back Squats for the thrusters

    BS weight –

    I tweaked my elbow somehow this week so didnt want to do anything with my arms to try to get heeled up before the Open next week.

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