Thursday 2-7-13

20 min AMRAP

7 muscle ups

50 squats

post rounds to comments

SWOD:  muscle up progressions


  1. OK I know its a Muscle Up day but I saw a video yesterday that made me set a new goal and as part of that goal one of the things I need to start doing more of and mastering is Pistol Squats….. How many of us can properly do pistols? I mean being able to do a Muscle Up is some cool sh.. (and I honestly have never pictured myself being able to do one of those) but seriously when people doubt our awesomeness of just going out and doing Crossfit and we want to show off our Crossfit prowess when at a party there isn’t always a pull up bar to bang out 100 pull-ups or rings to blow some minds with muscle ups or maybe you are wearing a dress and cant just walk across the room on your hands… You can do a pistol anywhere, anytime(I think you can still pull it off with a short dress on???maybe??) So here is a link on how to start progressing those pistols.. Then we can all go to our cocktail parties and impress!

  2. I like it! Pistol warmups, pistol WODs, pistol skills, pistol burnouts, and even pistol cooldowns.

  3. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    8 rounds + 12 squats, blue band progressions. I also started late since Royce started the clock when we were till figuring out th logistics of sharing rings on the rig!

    And don’t let Tom fool you, his short dresses still allow for plenty of coverage to pull off a pistol without a side-show!

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