Thursday 5-16-13

for time:


muscle ups

box jumps 40″

post time to comments

SWOD:  jumping lunges



  1. Please do not be discouraged, by what at first glance might seem like a near impossible WOD. As you should know by now, all workouts are scalable. Granted at the end of the day the amount of scaling needed is akin to turning a Lion into a house cat, but hey, they’re still both in the feline family and even the house cat could cause a deep scratch that could get infected.

    And to those of you who would suggest that not even the author of the WOD could complete said WOD Rx…well that is just sour grapes, no matter how accurate, and you just need to focus on your own fitness.

    And besides, tomorrow’s WOD is much more mainstream….

    1 RFT
    Milk the venom of 2 black mambas
    Ride a unicycle while juggling 3 running chainsaws
    Dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim
    Shoot a hole in one on a par 3 hole of 250 yards or greater


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