Thursday 7-25-12

15 min AMRAP

15′ rope climb, 1 ascent

10 ring dips

20 wall balls  20/14

Post rounds to comments

SWOD:  rope climb


  1. Started with wall balls. 4 rounds plus 20 wall balls and one rope climb attempt. Red band for dips, knotted rope for rope climbs and 14# wall ball.

    I need A LOT more practice on rope climbs and/or my hand need to heal.

    • hey shellie, i feel your pain. high rep pullups, rope climbs, toes to bar and more rope climbs in one week = very abused hands. it has been a very sore week. i also discovered the value of staying locked in on your rope climbs on the way back down, especailly if you are extremely fatigued. i slid down the rope like batman on his pole and have a very sore foot to boot. the lesson learned. hold the leg lock on that rope on the way down to prevent help with hand failure.

  2. 6 rounds. 14# wall ball and blue band for dips. My fingers hurt from the way back down on the rope. Awesome wod! I am totally exhausted.

  3. 3RFT:
    300m Row (6 damper)
    30 Thrusters (95lbs)
    30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
    30 KB Swings (55lbs)
    30 Burpee Lateral Bar Hops

    Tried to figure out a good way to approach this WOD; I aimed for 10 reps at a time, trying to keep short rest periods. Turned out that the rest periods started becoming too long.


  4. Jeremiah says:

    5 rounds + 1 rope ascent + 8 ring dips rx

    Finished up with 3×30 seconds rockers and 2 x 2 laps of dead lift walks 225#

    Good day and the hands are not as bad as I thought they would be.

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