Thursday 8-16-12



20 pullups

30 pushups

40 situps

50 squats

*rest precisely 3mins btwn ea round

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  1. Yay more legs!!

  2. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    Hahaha, I was just mentioning this WOD with a fellow CFer in Washington about how his one is one of the worst!

  3. Haha totally designed for me. So should I do this with my weighted vest. I will leave it up to the community. You guys decide

    • Shouldn’t even ask such a silky question… Of course you wear the weighted vest, go big or go home!

    • do it blindfolded with a circus monkey on your shoulder, then ill be impressed.

    • How about you gain 20lbs then do it? And not of lean mass. That would be more enjoyable to watch.

      • Only if I can gain 20lbs of fat and then do it shirtless lol

        • I have my own personal weight vest….weighing a lot more than 20#’s. Trust me, you don’t want to go this route. Also, my badly bruised ego and compassion for my fellow CF’ers will forever keep my shirt on.

          • Don’t think like that Brian! All you need is positive encouragement and motivation and you will be running around shirtless in no time!!!!! Keep killin it and stay POSITIVE!!

      • Thats stupid, don’t be jealous.

      • 10RM Squat – 295
        10RM Close Grip Bench – 190
        Ring C2B Pullups – 3×15

        7-5-3 Bear Complexes w/135
        10-20-30 Double Unders
        21-15-9 Pullups

        17min AMRAP:
        40 Alternating KB Russian Swings w/35
        3 Snatches w/ 135 (70% 1RM)
        6Rnds + 40 + 2 snatches

  4. what this rest for 3 minutes thing? theres no resting in crossfit! thats like a coffee break

  5. Continuing from yesterday’s comments… I think a lot of our members should consider competition. We have a lot of CrossFitters who possess great work ethic and would do great with something to strive for. Even if YOU think that you may have a long way to go, from what we, as coaches, have seen, you are very close to many good competitors. Please, talk to one of us trainers, and we will help guide you towards that goal!

    • Maybe when I can walk again!

    • I would love to do the CF Open next year. I hope CFBT will have days to do this, where we can capture the video, etc.

      • Definitely! I think it would be important for everyone to give it a try. A lot of talent on board. Cannot wait to see people step forward and keep reaching for new goals. Every day is an opportunity to improve.

  6. Greats wods today…my muscles were still shaking when I was trying to blow dry my hair.

  7. Round 1: 3:28
    Round 2: 4:19
    Round 3: 4:37
    Round 4: 4:37
    Round 5: 4:24
    Total with rest times: 33:25 rx

  8. 47:29… BUT i did it rx! 🙂 and my hands are paying for it today! And Justin i think competition would be awsome.. love having big goals to strive for :0

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