Thursday 8-2-12


50 double unders

25 wall balls “2-fer-1s”  20/14

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SWOD:  double unders


  1. 14:27 wb-10#. The 2-fer 1’s were not easy.

  2. 1 mile run on Treadmill @ 2%incline
    8 rounds:
    3 Squat @ bodyweight (205)
    3 Box jump @ 20″
    40yd run (20/20yd)
    *90 sec between rounds.

    WOD wasn’t very taxing, definitely a good one for an off day.

    • Are you creating your own programming?

      • This particular WOD was from; however, most of the WODs I post are created by Todd or myself. We decided to program for ourselves so we can practice creating WODs and potentially better our programming for the future.

  3. 7:12rxd

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