Thursday 9-13-12

10 min AMRAP

15 wall ball 20/14

1 rope climb

Post rounds to comments

SWOD:  rope climb


  1. 7 rounds + 13 wall balls

    • Jeremiah,
      Just wanted to make mention of what we were talking about in class the other morning, pertaining to the diameter of competition bars. At CFBT, the women’s bar is 25mm thick, the men’s bar is 30mm thick. From what I can gather, the men’s bars from Rogue fitness, that may be used in the CrossFit competitions, are 28 – 28.5mm thick. Here is a link to see what I was looking at…

      There are other bars on the site; however, the standard for most of the men’s bars appear to be 28 – 28.5mm and the women’s 25mm.

      • Hey Justin,
        Thanks for following up on this and for the information. Basically, it’s back to the big boy bars starting tomorrow morning.

  2. 6 rounds plus 13 wall balls – 16# ball(1 round at 14#); my first time getting to the top of the rope!:)
    Each round was lower and lower; my darn feet couldn’t hold the rope tight enough.

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