Tuesday 1-15-13

“Tabata This!”

tabata row

rest 1 min.

tabata squat

rest 1 min.

tabata pullup

rest 1 min.

tabata pushup

rest 1 min.

tabata situp

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  1. looks fun!

  2. Beth Tomczak says:

    some helpful information on pullups and protecting the shoulder


  3. Warm up WOD:
    Nate – 3rnds

    Row: 4
    Squat: 10
    Pull-ups: 5 (green band)
    Push-ups: 5
    Sit-ups: 8

    Total: 32

  4. this is going to be fun!

  5. Great video Beth! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Video was an interesting watch, thanks for sharing Beth!

  7. 114 total i believe..cant remember how it all broke down, though?

  8. 75-17-4 pathetic pull ups-8-0 (bad round during sit ups, got real dizzy, had to rest 1 round… im a whimp)

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