Tuesday 10-9-12



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SWOD:  bench press



  1. 225-275-315-345-355

  2. Just a reminder if anyone wants to do Barbells for Boobs.

    October 20th.

    Amanda and I are signed up for the 9am Open Heat.
    Heather will be in the 10am Survivors Heat.

    WOD is GRACE – 30 clean and jerks (8 min time cap)
    You get to choose the weight you do for the workout, so you won’t have to do it RX if you cant.

    There are still plenty of spots open.
    It would be great to get a group of CFBT people to go and represent our awesome box while donating money to help support breast cancer research.

  3. ill do it dana.. what heat are you doing? i dont think i can make it until noon i have xc practice at 7 am

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