Tuesday 11-20-12

For time:

500m row

50 box jump 20″

50 pushups

50 situps

50 jumping pullups

50 back extensions

50 dips

20 alter. Turkish Getups 55/35

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  1. 22:00. Was going great until the dips. They really slowed me down. Was only able to complete 10 reps of the gettups before my nagging left arm pain kicked in.

  2. 19:06 rxd

  3. I forgot to write my time, either 30 or 31 something? This was a great wod.
    Purple band for 1st 20 dips, then red.
    30# KB for Turkish Getups.

  4. 23:28

    My first wod I did not have to sub anything due to my shoulder injury. Dips with the red band and 15# on the get ups. Have not done dips in 3 weeks…….they were tough.

  5. 37:40
    Subs: blue band for dips, 30#s for TGU.

    I was moving along pretty well until the GHD back ext. I never do these and I was pretty wrecked by them. Pukie was knocking at the door when I finished them, so my dips took a very looooooong time. The TGU were just bad. Started with 45#s, then 40#s and had to drop all they way to 30#s to get them done……partly due to having nothing left in the tank and partly due to my right shoulder being fried from the dips.

    Doing a Justin warm up and deadlifts before this gauntlet probably didn’t help matters.

    • Brian I hear ya man. All in all the sit-ups killed me for the dips, my abs were twitching on every rep. I honestly haven’t done full sit-ups in so long that it just wrecked me and pukie was looking to make an appearance. Justin’s warm up wit the deads is no joke!

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