Tuesday 12-4-12

5 RFT:

5 hanging ring extensions (rt arm+lt arm=1)

5 forward rolls

5 backward rolls

10 sots press #45

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  1. really interested to see how earlier classes scale this ,, lots of technical work involved here, and lots of forward and backward rolls,, a mat is really helpful for all of the forward and backward rolls. i think we may be able to use our matas and instead of five consecutive rolls do a roll and then turn around on the mat and do another roll.. Good luck,,,

  2. I am going to try and make the 4 pm class. I can bring a tumbling mat with me. If not 4 I will be at the 7 pm class.

    • yeah that would be cool amy,, i want people to understand these moves,, and how to at least give them a try,, it is part of what we do, some will just not want to do it, due to getting nauseated with rolling, etc.. but it would be good to give this a genuine shot..

  3. 13:15

    Pretty much subbed the whole workout.

    The ring extensions are pretty much impossible. I positioned myself in the UP position of a ring row and did it this way. Others tried heels on a box and another used two bands, one for each foot to support her while in the rings.

    I tired the rolls, but I didn’t want to get a concussion and puke. I subbed 5 GHD sit-ups and 5 back extensions.

    The Sots press was crazy hard. Only 45# but very tough. I did these as Rx, but my range of motion was pretty short on several reps. Be careful not to drop the bar on your head.

    What’s tomorrow WOD…..

    5rnds for time:

    Juggle 4 oranges for 10 rotations
    Ride a unicycle 100m
    Take the wrapper off a new CD

  4. Kristin Kotara says:

    For the ring extensions I put a blue band on each ring with my feet in them to hold myself up. I did not attempt the rolls because I woukd get too dizzy sub five pistol squats each leg. Sot press with 45#.

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