Tuesday 5-29-12


10 Handstand pushups

20 Wallballs 20/16

30 Calorie row

2 Rope climbs

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SWOD:  rope climbs


  1. Stephen says:

    29:29 rxd with rests

  2. steve i have a technical question. what do you think the standards for the HSPU should be for our WOD’s? some say to do it ‘rx’, you use an abmat between 2 25# plates. you put your hands on the plates, lower yourself down until your head touches the abmat. then press back up to a locked elbows position. kipping is allowed as long as your head touches the ground and your elbows are locked over head. does anyone have any specific opinion about this as there has been a lot of dialogue. thanks anyone for any input!

    • Stephen says:

      I use the ab mat only for the purpose of safety if I collapse so i don’t bust my head up lol. As long as you are going all the way down and locking elbows out at the top the rep counts. kipping is accepted just like kipping pullups are for other workouts, however i try my hardest with hspu to only kip if I absolutely have to.

      • right on, are you placing your hands on plates or just the floor? then ill leave you alone and do some work.

        • Jeremiah says:

          hope you don’t mind me jumping into this conversation, but this is a subject i’ve been looking into for the past week. This is some information on the Crossfit Standards for HPSU –
          “Two competition 45lb Rogue plates will be placed on the ground next to the wall with an abmat in between. The start and finish positions of each rep are identical, with the hands flat and completely on the plates, the arms locked out, body straight and only the feet touching the wall. The feet must be inside the hands, meaning the width of the feet must be less than the width of the hands. The fingers cannot wrap off the edge of the plate, nor can they descend into the hole of the plate. From the starting position, the arms bend until the head touches the abmat. The athlete presses back up until the start finish position is achieved. The feet do not have to remain on the wall for the movement, though they must be on the wall to complete the rep. The legs can bend together but not one at a time. Kipping is allowed. If the legs are bent, no upward progress can be made while the feet are touching the wall (meaning no climbing up the wall with your legs). If your legs are straight, your feet can slide up the wall.”

        • Jeremiah says:

          There is also this great video on doing the HSPU a different way with some education on why it is better for form and strength. it is from the Crossfit Journal, so you may need a log in to view it.

  3. 41:53. Extreme nasuea by round 4. I think I drank too much water.

  4. Nicely said, Jeremiah. Anything short of full ROM should not be counted as a rep.

  5. Jeremiah says:

    Thanks Justin. Wish I could take credit for the quote but it’s from the crossfit done right site. Some good information there.

    39:21 rx with the rest times included.
    Thanks for the socks Royce, my shin appreciates it.

    • you are welcome, that was tough work,, i need serious help on those handstand push ups,, going to have to go back to the drawing board on that…

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