Tuesday 6-26-12

4 Rounds

12 Overhead Squats

20 Back Squats

50m Bear crawl

50m Overhead lunge

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SWOD:  Power hang snatch


  1. Annie Magdziasz says:

    65#, Sub frontsquats, no weight on lunges

  2. 23:10 awesome wod!

  3. 27:54
    RX first round, then I dropped to 15# on lunges. Still wiped out from this WOD!!!

  4. 29:02
    only completed two full rounds.
    1st Round = 65# OHS & BS, no weight on lunges
    2nd Round = 45# OHS & BS, no weight on lunges

    this was a really rough WOD…and i’m REALLY out of shape

    • Brian, it was still inspiring to see you not quit! Keep up the dedication and the results will come. Today was not easy in any regard either.

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