Tuesday 8-14-12


100m db waiters walk , rt arm 50/35

30 GHD situps

100m db waiters walk, lt arm 50/35

30 back extensions

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  1. 17:16

    Subs: 45# dbl, abmat situps, good mornings with 45# bar.

  2. 14:10
    55# kb for waiter walks
    Ab mat for GHDs
    45# good mornings for back ext

  3. 19:40 20# for waiter walks and GHD.

  4. 18:51 rx

  5. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    Too many subs,
    15# right arm, 25# left arm, just trying to keep it from being too big of a Discrepancy,
    Ab mat since GHD taken, used a bench for back ext, not full range of motion
    Don’t even remember time.

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