Wednesday 1-16-13

5 RFT:

12 wall ball 20/14

12 toes to bar

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SWOD:  Deadlift


  1. 8:12

    T2B: first two, maybe three rounds got my toes to about eye level, then went to knees to belly.

  2. 5:33 rx for wall ball, but did knees to elbows. still working on consecutive toes to bars

  3. WOD: 7:10 wb rx tb’s were more like knees to fat belly… I may add though that my wife only beat me by less than a minute ;).
    SWOD: 335×5, 355×5, 355×10

  4. 6:11 Rx’d wall ball, t2b faded to k2e

  5. 5:29
    t2b were more knees to belly.

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