Wednesday 1-23-13

7 rft:

7 front squat 165/115-125

7 chest to bar pullups

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  1. 11:56

    Subs: 95#, grey band

  2. Man/Woman Test:

    Max Rep OH Squat w/ KBs

    Must maintain stable shoulder position (armpits forward, elbows locked out, arms close to head)

  3. 13:39 rx’d? The c2b pulls were highly questionable. WOD was much more difficult than Monday’s 7’s wod but just as fun

  4. 9:58
    85# front squats (i am having some serious muscle soreness from deadlifts and Karen yesterday)
    pull ups were more throat to bar…then chin to bar if i was lucky. bad wod day for me.

  5. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    13:30 105# and red band. First round was 115#, but that was for the birds! Didn’t want to cut too much into the kiddos class 😉

  6. dont even remember my time but did all 7 rounds unbroken reps for both c2b pu and fs.. same weight as annie for fs and rx on pull ups 🙂

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