Wednesday 1-30-13

3 RFT:

10 deadlifts 275/155-185

50 double unders

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SWOD:  deadlifts


  1. Hey Beth, I think I have a strategy for this one :). Lift heavy and have fast wrists! It seems like we’ve been going through a mini cycle of deadlift workouts, we should all be pulling pr’s here real soon!

    • Beth Tomczak says:

      Great strategy Tom!! And you managed to put a smile on my face first thing in the morning 🙂

      Good luck with those pr’s everyone!

  2. 5:28

    Subs: DU’s = SU’s, I did a 1:1 ratio vs the standard 3:1, easing my Achilles back into the jumpy things.

  3. 4:08 #125DL

  4. 3:36 RX

  5. “Michael”

  6. 7:41
    couldnt string together more than like 3 DU at a time, SOB!

  7. 5:26 DUs and 155# DL

  8. 4:58 my forearms just wouldn’t allow me to do it 🙁 beat Ann that is

  9. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    4:39 rx’d. Second round DUs were extremely frustrating. Hope the guy Steve was giving a tour to didn’t hear me yell the f-bomb! If I see that guy at the gym, I will be sure to give him DU lessons and why swearing is required!

  10. 5 something 185 deadlift all 3 rounds unbroken.. now about those double unders..

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