Wednesday 11-14-12

for time:

300m row

20 push press 135/95

300m row

15 push press 135/95

300m row

10 push press 135/95

300m row

5 push press 135/95

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  1. 10:42rx

  2. 10:34rx

    Just kidding on the Rx thing. You know if I finished before Jeremiah it can only mean one of two things……it’s the final sign of the appocolypse or I scaled too much.

    Sub: 95#

  3. 10:11
    sub 65#

    i really need to get better at rowing

  4. 10:03

    have not been able to do any over head movements (which SUCKS) so i did DL at 115# instead of push press

  5. 10:43@ 115#press

  6. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    Did this Sunday morning

    12:42 rx’d

    Those were some heavy presses after the first 10-15 reps!

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