Wednesday 12-26-12

For time:

10 muscle ups

100 push press 75/55

1000m row

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  1. this one scared me because of my bad shoulder. i did 10 mu progressions, and only the 35# bar for the push press. i concentrated on proper form rather than speed. finished in 12:44 (thanks john for pushing me on those last couple hundred meters.finished the row at 1:5X 500m pace)

  2. 10:50 with blue band muscle up progressions. I love push presses 🙂

    • i HATE them because they are so painful 🙁

      • It’s not quite the man approach of duct tape fixing everything, but very similar. If I did not tape my wrists, it would have hurt more. Beth already thinks I’m a freak for having the flexibility to be able to twist my arms around on the ground with my wrists bent, but that had nothing to do with the pain if I hadn’t taped, just provided a nice stretch!

        • i have a rotator cuff injury, so tape wont help. i have to work on strengthening it and keeping proper form. anything over head is very painful

  3. this was a fun one!
    muscle up progression with blue band.

    broke the push press up by 15…then 10’s…then 5’s.

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