Wednesday 2-13-13

30-20-10 triplet of:


dips or ring dips


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SWOD:  bench press


  1. when it says triplet… does that mean 30-20-10… 30-20-10… 30-20-10?

  2. No triplet means 3 movements so you do 30 pu’s 30 dips 30 t2b 20 pu’s 20 dips 20 t2b 10 pu’s 10 dips 10 t2b

  3. 18:05

    Pull-ups: green band
    Dips: red band

  4. 17:18
    subs: blue band for dips

    side note: holy hand pain! my hands feel raw! if this doesnt test your grip then i dont know what does!

  5. 6:42 rx’d

  6. 11:56 -blue band for dips 🙁 and hand release push ups for t2b

  7. 11:36 – skinny purple band for ring dips.

    grip killed me.

  8. I honestly don’t even remember my time… All I know is it sucked, no grip left and the ring dips after bench, really?

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