Wednesday 2-20-13

CrossFit Body Tech – 1 year anniversary!

for time:

1600m run

4 snatches 135/95

1200m run

8 snatches 135/95

800m run

12 snatches 135/95

400m run

16 snatches 135/95

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  1. Hmmm with a high of 24 tomorrow even if I do get cleared to workout I may skip this….

  2. 35:46 @ 95# (about 95% power vs squat snatches)

  3. Not a fan of treadmill shin splints, thinking of a Plan B….

    • I feel your pain! Treadmills do give me killer shin splints… let me know what your Plan B is…. 😉

      • AnnIE Magdziasz says:

        Back squat 125#
        Toes to Bar (or within 5ft, heh!)

        I suck at T2B so I figured it was good to work on! Squats were 11-5-5, 10-5, 9… I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

  4. 33:28 Rx… 135 felt heavy after the runs, had to do sets of 2-4 at most. Good job everyone!

  5. Oh… And ran outside for first mile, then ran on treadmill the rest of the WoD. Numb toes don’t help the run or snaych

  6. Oh happy anniversary CFBT

  7. not going to lie, I actually LOVED doing this wod… who would have thought!!

    sub 65# snatch (no way I was doing 95#… my max is 75#!)

    ran on the treadmill… BORING!

    • AnnIE Magdziasz says:

      Good job, my quads hate me after 150 wallballs w/14# and the 45 squats w/125#. I think I would like this WOD also. Just not worth my shins though.

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