Wednesday 2-6-13


75 power snatches 75/55

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SWOD:  hang power snatch



  1. 7:22 rx

  2. 6:39 Rx

  3. 3:27 rx’d also 6 min emom of 74lbs weighted dips at 4, 225lbs deadlift emom for 7 mins at 5 reps, and 275lbs butt to ground back squat for 3 sets of 6

  4. 7:26 rx

  5. for clarity…this was a power snatch, floor to above head, not breaking parallel. thats how i did it

  6. 6:52 rx but did it as a hang power snatch.
    Doing a regular power snatch probably would have saved my grip a bit…

    How did the other classes do this? hang power snatch or just power snatch?

  7. 4:35 rxd

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